ACAC_Renovated Lobby


To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we embarked on a major campus renovation and Capital Campaign, establishing a pathway for growth by manifesting a critical and much-needed step in solidifying our future. Beginning with 8,000 square feet of the main public areas, Atlanta architects Brian Bell and David Yocum of BLDGS transformed the Gallery, Lobby, and Resource Room spaces, and created a new Lecture Hall. The result honors its roots as an industrial space while illustrating The Contemporary’s history through architecturally relevant, contemporary design.

The renovation of The Contemporary offers:
  • A new Lecture Hall and Event Space for educational programs and social gatherings
  • A redesigned Lobby, Reception areas, and Restrooms to meet the needs of our visitors
  • A redesigned Resource Room with natural light, with new publications and media
  • New energy-efficient HVAC and lighting systems
This project was made possible by a $600,000 Capital Campaign led by Atlanta Contemporary Art Center Board President, Tim Schrager. Generous donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations are acknowledged below. We thank you for your support!

AMBASSADOR $75,000 +
Lettie Pate Evans Foundation
Tim and Lauren Schrager Family Foundation
WISH Foundation

BENEFACTOR $20,000 +
Steven Chan
Louis Corrigan
Massey Charitable Trust
Tull Charitable Foundation
Elizabeth & Chris Willett
Woodward Fund
Vasser Woolley Foundation

PARTNER $10,000 +
Aaron and Angel Goldman Family Foundation
Nancy & Gene Hooff
Baxter P. Jones

VISIONARY $5,000 +
Atlanta Foundation
Ron and Lisa Brill Charitable Trust
Lucinda Bunnen
Lana Cavassa
Debbie & Jeff Chapman
Dean Nations
Rich Foundation
Dawn & Tim Severt
Jonathan R. Shils
Dawn & Lee Walker
Marcia Weber

CHAMPION $2,500 +
Alan K. Avery & Michael Newton
Rebecca & Michael Cochran
Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Jennifer & Randy Rinderknecht
Mark Sage
Sara & Paul Steinfeld

LEADER $1,000 +
Andrea & Ed Brownlee
Ashley & Joe Camoosa
Catherine & Byron Cocke
Sarah Danielson
John Eckel
Nena Griffith
Jane Jackson
Gene Kansas
Veronica Kessenich
Kim King Associates
Mitchell Klink
Emily G. Kolbinsky
Debbie & Doug Kuniansky
Stacie Lindner
Deborah Marshall
Jordan E. Mayers
Starr & Denis Pellerin
Robin & Marc Pollack
Sharon Prince
Greg Smith
Preston Snyder
Bill Stewart
Lisa & Chuck Taylor
Jessica & Matthew White

Amy & Robert Arogeti
Louise & Peter Bray
James Cohan Gallery
Stan Cohen
Ellen & Fred Elsas
Virginia Hepner
Stuart Horodner
Mary Howard Studio
Debbie & Paul Hudson
Jamestown Charitable Foundation
Ronnie & Peter Kessenich
Richard Martin
Betsy & Ryan Nurse
Phyllis & Sidney Rodbell
Carol Saul
Suzanne Shaw & Daniel Biddy
Susan Tarnower

Robin Aiken & Bill Bolen
Heidi & Steve Aishman
Larry Jens Anderson
Nancy Apatov & Alan Beychok
Avantika Bawa
Jeff Bailey
Lloyd Benjamin
Wieke & Lloyd Benjamin
Melanie Beal & Jason Baumunk
Blake Beckham
Lynne Borsuk & Rob Smulian
Maggie Brewer
Lucy Currie & Charles Henry Bush
Kristen Cahill
Missy & Wesley Cochran
Robbin Collins
Joe Dew
Tiffany Dover
Melissia Fernandier
Nancy Floyd
Cathy Fox
Bob Fusillo
The Garrett Family Foundation
Irene & John Gleason
McGuire Gordon
Anthony Greco
Allison Brock Hangland
Sarah Hobbs
Rockwell Hunter
John Q
Lane Ketner
Marianne Lambert
Elaine Levin
Beth Malone
Guido Maus
Sted Mays & Charles Bjorklund
Kathy Meliopoulos
Jiha Moon
Starr Moore
Amy Parry
Rachel & Trevor Reese
Gina Reynoso
Shana Robbins
Rocio Rodriguez & Lawrence Karp
Danielle Roney
Stephanie Rosendorf
Donna Sadler
Debrah Santini
Honey & Richard Shackleford
Michael E. Shapiro
Anna Walker Skillman
Spencer Sloan
Karen & John Spiegel
Clark Tate
Michael Tobachnick
Gregor Turk & Murphy Townsend
Elizabeth Turk
Pamela Tyson
Uri Vaknin
Gwen & Larry Walker
Rachael Walters
Emily & Alex West
Sue & John Wieland
Zoe & David Zelby

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